365 Day Photo Blog Begins!

Welcome to my new blog!

I've wanted to do a 365 photo a year blog before but never really figured I could keep it up. Now, a great group of fellow Shutterbugs are all getting in on the 365 day blog, which will make for lots of support for those days when I would normally forget to post. Usually on a 365 blog the photos are supposed to be taken that day or the day before, but I decided to bend the rules a bit. Considering I'm having a baby soon I figured as long as I post one shot a day, no matter when they were taken, that would work too.

Yes, I know that it's a leap year so this should be 366 day photo blog, but I'll need at least one day off for that whole giving birth thing... ;)

The photos shared here will be mostly personal shots: my little girl "C", family, friends, and anything that catches my eye around me. I love landscape and nature photography, so that will probably feature prominently here.

I have dreams of having a photography business, and have done some portfolio building shoots, however, with a new baby on the way, that is all being put on the back burner. We'll see how things go having two kids before I decide on a timeline for Kervin Photography. :)

I hope you enjoy seeing the slices of life that I present to you throughout the year!


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