Princess for the Day

C just loves to play dress up. What little girl doesn't? For Christmas, C got a new princess dress up set - to go with all the other tiaras, shoes, and necklaces that she already has. :)
Hey if she's a princess, that makes me the Queen, doesn't it? :D

Dressy lady, but with a wand!

For some reason she just loves the "arms up in the air" pose for princesses...

Maybe she figures we'll all bow down before her?

Pretty Princess

Now for the Jester's hat!

Dress up time's over, but the dreams are still there!

By the way, yes I know the colour casts are horrible but her room is just not suited for taking pictures in... icky yellow walls, a frosted yellow-ish light fixture (if light bulbs weren't yellow enough already!), and then the (by comparison) blue light coming in from outside. Trying to get rid of the yellow without making her face look all blue and smurf like was interesting to say the least!


Lisa B said...
6 January 2008 at 05:27

How cute is she? She'd get along great at my house. We have an old armoire filled entirely with dressup stuff. It's great fun to pretend.

Melissa said...
6 January 2008 at 08:05

Cutest princess EVER!

allison said...
6 January 2008 at 10:47

oh what a little princess! she's adorable!

Rachel said...
6 January 2008 at 15:42

too cute!
B is browsing blogs with me and said "she has a Dora shirt AND princess crown?? I can play with her?" heehee

Jaime said...
7 January 2008 at 03:33

I love the 4th one down! Her face, and hair...just everything! She is so sweet!

You should make a storyboard of these! They are adorable!

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