Party Time!

C went to a birthday party yesterday for two wonderful little girls - A & S. A was turning 2 and S was turning 4 so there was a good mix of older and younger kids for C to play with. The mom had the party at the local community centre which set up a wonderful gym area for the kids to play in as well as having cake and presents in the preschool room across the hall. C definitely had a blast!

Here are a few pics from the party!

They had this big thing for the kids to jump off (almost as tall as me!), into a blanket, which then got bumped and swung around. C loved it!

C being contemplative in the middle of a huge doughnut thing I was rolling her around the room in.

This girl is such a hat person! After cake and ketchup chips (hence the red crumbs all over her mouth), C went straight for the hat stand and paraded around wearing various hats. She ususally goes for the cowboy hat (we go here weekly for playgroup), but was all about the construction hat instead!

I'm ba-ack!

So after about a week off, I'm back to blogging. If I don't blog each day (or at least every second day) make sure you give me a kick when you see me. :)
Here are some shots of C playing at my mother-n-law's house. Nothing fancy, but at least I have new pics to show. :)

A nice big bite out of a play burger

Here she is wearing a doctor's smock, riding a horse, with a lion face on... and I think there might be a green tutu under the smock! lol

Enough With the Pictures Already!

Sorry so quiet...

I haven't been blogging lately due to the recent death of my uncle Wayne, who I was very close to. I hope to be back up blogging soon...

The big 3-0!

Due to some other stuff going on in life right now there will be no pics today. But here's a big shout out to my older sister Dawn who turned 30 today! Happy Birthday!!!

A study of C

I've missed blogging the last few days so I'll more than make up for it today! Here are a ton of pics of C. I just love seeing her different expressions and the changing colours in her eyes. Take a look!

This one is my favorite :)

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