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Photowalk Winner!

So I never did put up the rest of my photowalk shots, even though I promised. So here are some more, including the winner from the Courtenay BC Photowalk - my HDR shot!

Engede HDR


Inspired by my fire hydrant lessons shot

Just love the colours in this one!

Joe's Garage

Camaro light

We stopped for coffee after the walk... so yummy!

Stand Up
There was a great trio playing at the cafe while we were there - and I just had to get the shot!


To see more -and yes, there are plenty more! - check out my Photowalk set on Flickr.

Going on a photo walk...

and what a fun walk it was! I joined in on Scott Kilby's 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk, by taking part in the Courtenay, BC walk. Unfortunately there wasn't a Campbell River walk organized, but I'll make sure to organize one next year, if no one else does! The Courtenay walk had about 26 photographers of various levels (including a cute little 4 year old with one of those Fisher Price cameras - Caitlin would be so jealous!), and went from Simms Park Gazebo, up 5th Street, and around a few blocks before meeting back up at Zoloco (or whatever that coffee place was called!).
Here are some of the first shots - I have a ton so I'll spread them over a few blog entries so you won't get overloaded! ;)

I loved it... only in the middle of 26 other photographers would I not look out of place, lying down on the ground getting a picture up into the middle of the gazebo (at Simms Park)

I just loved the colour of this bridge.

More to come soon! Let me know what you think!

Fun at the Farmer's Market!

Every sunday from May until October, Campbell River holds the Pier Street market. It's a wonderful collection of food, crafts, flowers/plants, and goodies with over 45 booths each time. This summer it was actually chosen as one of the top ten Farmer's Markets in Canada! I love taking the girls there just to wander through, so here are shots from our latest Farmer's Market excursion!

I just love the bright colours and textures of these handmade fleeces and wools.

Starry Day

Wood working

Dragon Love

Crystals - So I was trying to get my reflection in at least one of the crystals here, but the woman selling them got all upset and shoo-ed me away! As I walked away "you're lucky I'm letting you keep that picture you already took!" Hmmm, I guess she doesn't know the photography laws around here. ;)

The Pier

Pier Ice Cream - The best thing about going to the farmer's market - Ice cream at the pier!

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