Going on a photo walk...

and what a fun walk it was! I joined in on Scott Kilby's 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk, by taking part in the Courtenay, BC walk. Unfortunately there wasn't a Campbell River walk organized, but I'll make sure to organize one next year, if no one else does! The Courtenay walk had about 26 photographers of various levels (including a cute little 4 year old with one of those Fisher Price cameras - Caitlin would be so jealous!), and went from Simms Park Gazebo, up 5th Street, and around a few blocks before meeting back up at Zoloco (or whatever that coffee place was called!).
Here are some of the first shots - I have a ton so I'll spread them over a few blog entries so you won't get overloaded! ;)

I loved it... only in the middle of 26 other photographers would I not look out of place, lying down on the ground getting a picture up into the middle of the gazebo (at Simms Park)

I just loved the colour of this bridge.

More to come soon! Let me know what you think!


mommyknows said...
7 July 2010 at 18:57

These are fantastic. I love the fire hydrant and bricks. Can you tell that I am partial to red?

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