Fun at the Farmer's Market!

Every sunday from May until October, Campbell River holds the Pier Street market. It's a wonderful collection of food, crafts, flowers/plants, and goodies with over 45 booths each time. This summer it was actually chosen as one of the top ten Farmer's Markets in Canada! I love taking the girls there just to wander through, so here are shots from our latest Farmer's Market excursion!

I just love the bright colours and textures of these handmade fleeces and wools.

Starry Day

Wood working

Dragon Love

Crystals - So I was trying to get my reflection in at least one of the crystals here, but the woman selling them got all upset and shoo-ed me away! As I walked away "you're lucky I'm letting you keep that picture you already took!" Hmmm, I guess she doesn't know the photography laws around here. ;)

The Pier

Pier Ice Cream - The best thing about going to the farmer's market - Ice cream at the pier!


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